The purposes of the society are:

a)To improve the quality of life for people who use illicit drugs;
b)To encourage the development of user based support and education programs;
c) To develop and encourage peer support training at all levels of education and outreach;
d) To develop local networks and coalitions of informed and empowered people who will work to ensure public policies and practices are favourable to people who use illicit drugs;
e) To provide support, training and information so that users and their families will have an understanding of and an impact on the systems that serve them;
f) To work independently and in partnership with individuals, associations, agencies and other user groups in the development and implementation of user defined harm reduction strategies and in developing positive public images of people who use illicit drugs.
g) To keep informed and to inform the public concerning the social, economic, health and treatment issues related to the use of illicit drugs;
h) To purchase, sell and/or lease property, equipment and materials that are deemed necessary to accomplish the society’s purposes.